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SUP-LUGB Digital Vortex Flowmeter

SUP-LUGB Digital Vortex Flowmeter

Leading digital vortex flowmeter supplier certified By IOS. Customized services are available. Professional digital vortex flowmeter for liquid or steam.


This digital vortex flowmeter contains a high-strength piezoelectric crystal, which is formed in one piece and is highly impact resistant. The measurement medium is compatible with liquid, gas, heat transfer oil as well as steam metering. Sonic nozzle calibration, high repeatability, high measurement accuracy. Free optional temperature compensation, pressure temperature, to meet more field use. The circuit board is factory aged and run, and the whole meter is calibrated unit by unit, which is more suitable for field use. The digital vortex flowmeter with temperature and pressure compensation sensing head with anti-vibration and anti-interference encapsulation process, the site is more resistant to interference. Ultra-high temperature resistance up to 420 ℃.
Measuring principle

A fluid flowing with a certain velocity and passing a fixed obstruction generates vortices. The generation of vortices is known as Karman’s Vortices.The frequency of vortex shedding is a direct linear function of fluid velocity and frequency depends upon the shape and face width of bluff body. Since the width of obstruction and inner diameter of the pipe will be more or less constant, the frequency is given by the expression:


Wafer connection: DN10-DN500 (priority PN2.5MPa)

Flange connection: DN10-DN80 (priority PN2.5MPa)DN100-DN200 (priority PN1.6MPa)DN250-DN500 (priority PN1.0MPa)

Accuracy:           1.5%, 1.0%
Pipe Diameter:           DN10-DN500
Range Ratio:           8:1
Medium Temperature:           -20°C ~ +150°C
          -20°C ~ +260°C
          -20°C ~ +320°C
          -20°C ~ +420°C
Power Supply:


Li battery(3.6VDC)

Output signal:



RS485 communication (Modbus RTU)

Ingress protection:           IP65
Body Materials:           Stainless stell
Display:           128*64 dot matrix LCD