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SUP-ZP Best Ultrasonic Level Meter

SUP-ZP Best Ultrasonic Level Meter

Wholesale the best best ultrasonic level meter here. Multiple output forms: programmable relay output, high precision 4-20mA current output, Rs-485, RS-232 digital communication output, wireless GPRS output, etc.


The ultrasonic level meter is a universal level meter that has the advantages of various other level gauges to realize a fully digital and humanized design. It has perfect level measurement and control, data transmission and man-machine communication functions. This product adopts modular circuit design, military-quality multi-layer PCB board, tight hardware structure and reasonable layout. This product supports isolated 4 ~ 20mA, HART output, built-in GPRS, LORA, GPS, RF, Bluetooth and other wireless data transmission modules, and can also add modules to achieve other functions according to customer needs.

This ultrasonic level meter uses imported industrial-grade chips, digital temperature compensation and other related special integrated circuits. It has strong anti-interference ability, and can set upper and lower limit, online output adjustment arbitrarily, and has local display. The shell is made of engineering plastic ABS waterproof shell. The shell is small and quite sturdy. This product can meet most of the measurement requirements of liquid level and material level without contacting industrial media, completely solves the shortcomings of winding, clogging, leakage, medium corrosion, and inconvenient maintenance caused by traditional measurement methods such as pressure type, capacitance type, and float type level meter. Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields related to material level and liquid level measurement and control.


 Product  Best Ultrasonic Level Meter
 Model SUP-ZP
 Measure Range 5, 10, 15m
 Blind Zone <0.4-0.6m(different for range)
 Accuracy 0.5%F.S
 Display OLED
 Output (Optional) 4~20mA RL>600Ω(standard)
2 relays (AC: 5A 250V DC: 10A 24V)
 Material ABS, PP
 Electrical Interface M20X1.5
 Power Supply 12-24VDC, 18-28VDC (two Wire), 220VAC
 Power Consumption <1.5W
 Protection Degree IP65(others optional)
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