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SUP-LWGY Turbine Flow Transmitter

SUP-LWGY Turbine Flow Transmitter

Turbine flow transmitters are widely used in the following measurement objects: petroleum, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas and cryogenic fluids, etc.


SUP-LWGY turbine flow transmitter is a kind of fluid instrument, which has the advantages of high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, small pressure loss and convenient maintenance. It is used to measure the volume flow of low viscosity liquid in closed pipe.

The turbine flow transmitter is a flow meter that uses a turbine for measurement. It first converts the flow rate into the turbine's rotational speed, and then converts the rotational speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow rate. This flowmeter is used to detect instantaneous flow and total accumulated flow, and its output signal is frequency, which is easy to digitize. The induction coil in the figure is fixed to the housing together with a permanent magnet. When the ferromagnetic turbine blade passes the magnet, the magnetoresistance of the magnetic circuit changes, thus generating an induction signal. The signal is amplified and shaped by an amplifier and sent to a counter or frequency meter, which displays the total accumulated flow.

The pulse frequency is also converted to frequency-voltage to indicate the instantaneous flow rate. The speed of the impeller is proportional to the flow rate and the number of impeller revolutions is proportional to the total amount of flow through. The output of the turbine flowmeter is a frequency modulated signal, which not only improves the immunity of the detection circuit, but also simplifies the flow detection system. It has a range ratio of up to 10:1 and an accuracy of ±0.2% or less. The time constant of turbine flowmeter with small inertia and small size is up to 0.01 seconds.


 Product  Turbine Flow Transmitter
 Model  SUP-LWGY
 Diameter Nominal  DN4~DN100
 Nominal Pressure  6.3MPa
 Accuracy  0.5%R, 1.0%R 
 Medium viscosity  Less than 5×10-6m2/s
 (for the liquid with >5×10-6m2/s,
 the flowermeter needs to be calibrated before using)
 Medium Temperature  -20℃~+120℃
 Power Supply  3.6V lithium battery; 12VDC; 24VDC
 Output Signal  Three-wire pulse output, two-wire 4-20mA output
 Ingress protection  IP65

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