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SUP-LZ Metal Tube Flow Meter

SUP-LZ Metal Tube Flow Meter

SUP-LZ Metal tube flow meters are ideal for particularly harsh and abrasive conditions or where aggressive media are used. Metal tube flow meters can also be used in high temperature environments.


The metal tube rotameter adopts 304/316 stainless steel structure, which canbe used to measure the flow of liquid, gas, and steam. It is especially suitable forflow measurement of low flow rate, micro flow range, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, conductive or non-conductive medium.

Metal tube flow meter adopts variable area type measuring principle production research, suitable for measuring liquid, gas. All-metal structure, there are indication type, electric remote transmission type, corrosion resistant type, high pressure type, jacketed type, explosion-proof type. With standard analog signal output of 0-10mA, 4-20mA and field indication. Accumulation, digital communication, on-site modification of measurement parameters, different power supply functions, with magnetic filter and special specification varieties. Widely used in, petroleum, chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment, etc. Complex, harsh environmental conditions, and a variety of media conditions in the flow measurement process.

Metal tube float flowmeter is a kind of variable area flow measurement instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. It has a small size, large detection range, easy to use and other characteristics. It can be used to measure the flow of liquids, gases and steam, especially suitable for low flow rate and small flow rate of the medium flow measurement.


Range Water (20"C) (01~200000) L/hAir (20,0.1013MPa) (0.03~3000) m'/h
Range Ratio Standard 10:1 Optional 20:1
Accuracy Standard: 1. .5% Optional:1% Gas: 1.5%
Pressure Standard: DN1 5~DN50<4.0MPa DN80~DN200<1. 6MPa
Optioanl: DN15~DN50<32MPa DN80~DN200<16MPa
Connection Flange, Clamp, Thread, Sanity thread
Medium Temp Standard: -20"C~120"C PTFE 0"C~80"C
High temp: 120"C ~450"C
Low temp: -80"C~-20"C
Environment Temp Remote type: -40"C ~85"C
Pointer type/local alarm type: -40"C~100"C
Power Supply Standard type: 24VDC two-wire system (4-20) mA (12VDC~32VDC)
Alarm type: 24VDC multi-wire system (4-20) mA (12VDC~32VDC)
AC type: (100~240) VAC 50Hz~60Hz
Battery type: 3 6V@9AH lithium battery
Load Resistance RL max: 6002
Alarm Output Upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm.

Local alarm type: upper limit, lower limit or upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm(Contact capacity 1A@30VDC).

Upper limit and lower limit alarm hold range is a maximum of 60% of range, and the minimum interval between upper and lower limit alarms is 10% of range.
Pulse Output Cumulative pulse output is output of optocoupler signal isolation Darlington tube (internal24VDC power supply, maximum current 8mA).
Ingress Protection IP65
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