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SUP-PTU8012 Turbidity Transmitter

SUP-PTU8012 Turbidity Transmitter

The turbidity transmitter is equipped with air cleaning function, which can be automatically cleaned at regular intervals according to the pre-set time, thus greatly reducing the workload of instrument maintenance.


Online turbidity transmitter meter is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights developed for online monitoring of drinking water quality, featuring ultra-low turbidity detection limit, high-precision measurement, maintenance-free equipment for a long time, water-saving work and digital output, supporting cloud platform and cell phone data remote monitoring, as well as RS485-modbus communication, which can be widely used in water factory water, secondary water supply It can be widely used in online monitoring of turbidity in water factory water, secondary water supply, end water of pipeline network, direct drinking water, membrane filtered water, swimming pool, surface water, etc.

Working Principle

The turbidity online meter shoots a laser beam from the air into the water in the direction perpendicular to the water surface. The laser is scattered by the suspended particles in the water, and the sensor in the water detects the intensity of the scattered light at 90 degrees from the incident light, and converts the intensity of the scattered light into the turbidity value according to the calibration table.



Turbidity Transmitter

 Measure Range


 Measurement Accuracy

The deviation of reading in 0.001~40NTU is ±2% or ±0.015NTU, choose the bigger one; and it is ±5% in the range of 40-100NTU

 Flow Rate


 Pipe Fitting

Injection Port: 1/4NPT; Discharge Outlet: 1/2NPT

 Environment Temp



Standard Solution Calibration, Water Sample Calibration, Zero Point Calibration

 Cable Length

Three-meter standard cable, it is not recommended to extend

 Main Materials

Main Body: ABS + SUS316 L,

Sealing Element: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber

Cable: PVC

 Ingress Protection



2.1 KG

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