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SUP-PTU200 Digital Turbidity Sensor

SUP-PTU200 Digital Turbidity Sensor

Whether evaluating activated sludge and the entire biological treatment process, analyzing the discharged wastewater after purification treatment, or measuring the sludge concentration at different stages, the digital turbidity sensor gives continuous and


The digital turbidity sensor is based on the combined infrared absorption and scattering light method, and the turbidity can be continuously measured by the ISO7027 method. The turbidity value is determined according to ISO7027 infrared double-scattering light technology without the influence of chromaticity. The self-cleaning function can be selected according to the use environment. Stable data and reliable performance. Built-in self-diagnosis function to ensure accurate data; Simple installation and calibration.

The SUP-PTU200 turbidity controller is used to display the data measured by the sensor and can be connected to a digital signal sensor or an analog signal sensor. The user can realize 4-20mA analog output through the interface configuration and calibration of the controller. It can realize relay control, digital communication, and other functions. The measuring instrument is composed of and can be widely used for turbidity monitoring in sewage plants, waterworks, water stations, surface water, industry, and other fields.



Digital Turbidity Sensor




128 * 64 dot matrix LCD with LED backlight, 


which can be operated under the direct sunlight

 Power Rupply

AC: AC220V, 50Hz, 5W;  DC:DC24V


Three-way analog output 4-20mA, 


Note: the maximum load is 500 ohms


Three-way relay can be set up


MODBUS RS485 communication function,
which can transmit real-time measurements

 Warranty Period

1 year

 Material of 
 Outside Shell

Lower casing: Aluminum with powder covering

Cover: PA66+GF25+FR

 Ingress Protection



145*125*162mm L*W*H



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