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SUP-PTU300 Benchtop Turbidity Meter High-quality

SUP-PTU300 Benchtop Turbidity Meter High-quality

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Benchtop turbidity online meter can be commonly applied to the online monitoring of turbidity in pre-filtered, post-filtered, and ex-factory water, direct drinking water systems, etc. in water treatment plants; and in the online monitoring of turbidity in circulating cooling water, filtered water, and water reuse systems in various industrial production.

The low range turbidity sensor directs the parallel light from the light source downward into the water sample in the sensor, and the light is scattered by the suspended particles in the water sample, and the scattered light with the incident angle of 90 degrees is received by the silicon photocell receiver submerged in the water sample, and the turbidity value of the water sample is obtained by calculating the relationship between the 90 degree scattered light and the incident light beam.


 Product  Benchtop Turbidity Meter
Range 0-20 NTU (31), 0-1 NTU (30)
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Measurement 90° scattering
Working Mode Continuous monitoring of drainage, intermittent automatic discharge
Zero Drift ≤±0.015 NTU
Value Error ≤±2% or ±0.015 NTU larger
Discharge Mode Automatic discharge
Calibration Formalhydrazine standard liquid calibration (factory calibrated)
Water Pressure 0.1 Kg/cm3-8Kg/cm3, flow not exceeding 300 mL /min
Digital Output RS485Modbus protocol (baud rate 9600, 8, N, 1)
Analog Output 4-20 mA
Storage Temperature -20℃-60℃
Working Temperature 0-50℃
Sensor Material Composite
Maintenance Cycle 6-12 months recommended (depending on site water quality environment)
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