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SUP-ST500 Smart Temperature Transmitter

SUP-ST500 Smart Temperature Transmitter

Intelligent temperature transmitter for RTD, TC signal input, 2-wire 4-20mA analog output. This smart temperature transmitter supports the measurement of millivolt signals and resistance signals.


High precision temperature transmitter module is a two-wire temperature transmitter, it can receive pt100 RTD and all kinds of thermocouple input, can be directly installed in the sensor junction box, the temperature sensor resistance or millivolt signal into a standard 4-20ma, or 0-10ma, 1-5v and other signals, and then remote transmission to other secondary meter supporting the use. It has the characteristics of accurate signal, remote transmission (maximum 500 meters), good accuracy, anti-interference, good stability, maintenance-free, etc.. Its conventional accuracy is up to 0.25%.


Input Signal 

Resistance temperature detector (RTD),

 thermocouple (TC), and linear resistance. 

Cold-junction Compensation Temperature Scope  -20~60℃
Compensation Precision  ±1℃
Output Signal  4-20mA
Load Resistance  RL≤(Ue-12)/0.021
Output Current of Upper and Lower Limit overflow Alarm  IH=21mA, IL=3.8mA
Output Current of Input Disconnection Alarm  21mA
Power Supply
Supply Voltage  DC12-40V
Other Parameters 
Transmission Precision (20℃) 0.1%FS
Temperature Drift  0.01%FS/℃
Response Time  Reach to 90% of the final value for 1s
Used Environmental Temperature  -40~80℃
Storage Temperature  -40~100℃
Condensation  Allowable
Protection Level  IP00; IP66 (installation)
Electromagnetic Compatibility 

Conform to GB/T18268 industrial equipment application requirements(IEC 61326-1)

Input Type Table
Model Type Measurement Scope Minimum Measurement Scope 

Resistance Temperature 

Detector (RTD) 

Pt100 -200~850℃ 10℃
Cu50 -50~150℃ 10℃
Thermocouple (TC)  B 400~1820℃ 500℃


-100~1000℃ 50℃
J -100~1200℃ 50℃
K -180~1372℃ 50℃
N -180~1300℃ 50℃
R -50~1768℃ 500℃


-50~1768℃ 500℃
T -200~400℃ 50℃
Wre3-25 0~2315℃ 500℃
Wre5-26 0~2310℃ 500℃