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SUP-WZPK RTD Temperature sensor PT 100

SUP-WZPK RTD Temperature sensor PT 100

The thermal resistor is the most commonly used temperature detector in the low and medium temperature regions. RTD temperature measurement is based on the property that the resistance of a metal conductor increases with temperature.


RTD temperature sensor is a sensor thermometer that uses the principle that the resistance value of a conductor or semiconductor changes with temperature to measure temperature.
RTD temperature sensors are divided into two categories: metal RTDs and semiconductor thermistors. RTDs are widely used to measure temperatures in the range of -200 to +850°C. In a few cases, low temperatures can be measured up to 1K and high temperatures up to 1000°C.

RTD sensor consists of RTD, connecting wire and display instrument. RTD can also be connected with temperature transmitter to convert temperature into standard current signal output.
The material used to manufacture the RTD should have the largest and most stable resistance temperature coefficient and resistivity possible, the output should preferably be linear, stable physical and chemical properties, good relinearity, etc.


Type of Resistance thermometer sensor
Nominal Resistance Value at℃ Class Measuring Current R(100℃) / R(0℃)
Pt100 A Below 2mA 1.3851
1. R(100℃) is the resistance value of the sensing resistor at 100℃.
2. R(0℃)     is the resistance value of the sensing resistor at  0℃.
Standard Specifications of Resistance Thermometer Sensor
Sheath Conductor Wire Sheath Approx
Max Length Weight
OD(mm) WT(mm) Material Dia(mm) Resistance per wire Material (m) (g/m)
Φ2.0 0.25 SUS316 Φ0.25 Nickel 100 12
Φ3.0 0.47 Φ0.51 0.5 83 41
Φ5.0 0.72 Φ0.76 0.28 35 108
Φ6.0 0.93 Φ1.00 0.16 20 165
Φ8.0 1.16 Φ1.30 0.13 11.5 280
Φ9.0 1.25 Φ1.46 0.07 21 370
Φ12 1.8 Φ1.50 0.07 10.5 630
Φ3.0 0.38 Φ0.30 - 83 41
Φ5.0 0.72 Φ0.50 ≤0.65 35 108
Φ6.0 0.93 Φ0.72 ≤0.35 20 165
Φ8.0 1.16 Φ0.90 ≤0.25 11.5 280
Φ9.0 1.25 Φ1.00 ≤0.14 21 370
Φ12 1.8 Φ1.50 ≤0.07 10.5 630


Tolerance of RTDs to Temperature and Applicable Standard Table

  IEC 751 JIS C 1604
Class Tolerance (℃) Class Tolerance (℃)
Pt100 A ±(0.15 +0.002|t|) A ±(0.15 +0.002|t|)
( R(100℃)/R(0℃)=1.3851 B ±(0.3+0.005|t|) B ±(0.3+0.005|t|)
1.Tolerance is defined as the maximum allowable deviation from the temperature vs resistance reference table.
2. l t l=modulus of temperature in degrees Celsius without regard to sign.
3. Accuracy class 1/n(DIN) refers to 1/n tolerance of class B in IEC 751  

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