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SUP-C702S Standard Signal Generator

SUP-C702S Standard Signal Generator

A signal generator is a device that can provide various frequencies, waveforms and output levels of electrical signals. The standard signal generator is used for generating electrical test signals for the specific parameters required by the circuit under


The standard signal generator is used to generate sinusoidal signals. In addition to the voltage output, some have power output. Therefore, it is widely used to test or repair the frequency characteristics, gain, and passband of low-frequency amplifiers in various electronic instruments and equipment, and can also be used as the external modulation signal source of the high-frequency signal generator. In addition, it can provide AC signal voltage when calibrating electronic voltmeter. Principle of low-frequency signal generator: the system includes the main vibration level, main vibration output regulating potentiometer, voltage amplifier, output attenuator, power amplifier, impedance converter (output transformer), and indicating voltmeter.

The main vibration stage generates a low-frequency sinusoidal oscillation signal, which is amplified by the voltage amplifier to meet the requirements of voltage output amplitude. The voltage can be directly output through the output attenuator, and the output voltage can be adjusted by the main vibration output adjustment potentiometer.


 Product   Standard Signal Generator
 Model   SUP-C702S
 Operating Temperature And Humidity   -10~55℃, 20~80% RH

 Storage Temperature

 Size   115*70*26(mm)
 Weight   300g
 Power   3.7V lithium battery or 5V/1A power adapter
 Power Dissipation   300mA, 7~10hour
 OCP   30V

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