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SUP-603S Signal Barriers Isolators

SUP-603S Signal Barriers Isolators

This current loop isolator can be directly connected to pointer meters, digital display meters, and also with automatic control instruments (such as PLC), various A/D converters and computer systems.


Signal barriers isolators provide an isolated working power supply to the transmitter, detect the current in the circuit and output current or voltage signal via isolation and transmission at the same time.

The input, output, and power supply terminals are isolated from each other, characterized by the advantages such as fast response, low power consumption, and good temperature characteristics. This signal isolator adopts a smart design, provided with many advanced technologies such as internal digital adjustment, no potentiometer, and zero-point auto-calibration. Through matching with various types of instruments and DCS, PLC, and other devices, the product has been widely used in major projects in petroleum, petrochemical, manufacturing, power, metallurgy, and other industries.

Product benefits of signal barriers isolators:
① Signal isolation capability.
② Good electromagnetic interference resistance.
③ The isolator is flexible in application, and has the function of model conversion and signal distribution, which makes it more convenient to use.
④ Generally, there are single channel, dual channel, one in two out and other channel forms. The channels are completely independent of each other, which makes the configuration and daily maintenance of the system more convenient.


    Thermocouple: K, E, S, B, J, T, R, N and WRe3-WRe25, WRe5-WRe26, etc.;

    Thermal resistance: two-/three-wire system thermal resistance (Pt100, Cu50, Cu100, BA1, BA2, etc.)

    The type and range of input signal can be determined at the time of ordering or self-programmed.

    DC: 0(4)mA~20mA;0mA~10mA;

    DC voltage: 0(1)V~5V; 0V~10V;

    Other signal types may be customized as required, see the product label for the specific signal types;

Input Signal Type




K/E/J/N, etc.

< 300 ℃

±0.3 ℃

≥ 300 ℃

±0.1% F∙S


< 500 ℃

±0.5 ℃

≥ 500 ℃

±0.1% F∙S


Pt100/Cu100/Cu50/BA1/BA2, etc.

< 100 ℃

±0.1 ℃

≥ 100 ℃

±0.1% F∙S

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