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SUP-C703S Digital Signal Generator

SUP-C703S Digital Signal Generator

When testing, researching or adjusting electronic circuits and equipment, the digital signal generator is used to measure some electrical parameters of the circuit.


All instruments that generate test signals are collectively referred to as signal sources, also known as signal generators. These are used to create electrical test signals of specific parameters required by the circuit under test. When testing, studying, or adjusting electronic circuits and equipment, in order to measure some electrical parameters of the circuit, such as measuring frequency response, noise coefficient, and calibrating voltmeter, it is required to provide electrical signals that meet the specified technical conditions to simulate the excitation signal of the equipment to be tested used in actual work.

When it is required to measure the steady-state characteristics of the system, a sinusoidal signal source with known amplitude and frequency shall be used. When testing the transient characteristics of the system, it is necessary to use a rectangular pulse source with a known leading time, pulse width, and repetition period. It is also required that the parameters of the output signal of the signal source, such as frequency, waveform, output voltage, or power, can be accurately adjusted within a specific range, with good stability and output indication.

According to the different output waveforms, signal sources can be divided into four categories: sine wave signal generator, rectangular pulse signal generator, function signal generator, and random signal generator. The Sine signal is the most widely used test signal. This is because the method of generating a sine signal is relatively simple, and it is convenient to measure with a sine signal. Sinusoidal signal sources can be divided into several types according to different operating frequency ranges.

SUP-C703S digital signal generator has multiple signal Outputs and measurements including voltage, current, and thermoelectric coupled with an LCD screen and silicone keypad, simple operation, longer standby time, higher accuracy, and programmable output. It's widely used in the LAB Industrial field, PLC Process Instrument, Electric value, and other areas of debugging.


 Product   Digital Signal Generator
 Model   SUP-C703S
 Operating Temperature And Humidity   -10~55℃, 20~80% RH

 Storage Temperature

 Size   115x71x30(mm)
 Weight   143g
 Power   4*AAA batteries or external 5 V/1A adapter
 Power Dissipation   About 200 mA; with power supplied by 4*AAA batte ries ( each nominal capacity of 1100 mAh ), can be used for 4 hours with a full load and 17 hours standing by.
 OCP   30V

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