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SUP-R1200 Thermal Chart & Graph Recorder

SUP-R1200 Thermal Chart & Graph Recorder

Thermal chart recorder, truly achieve zero dead space to view data, with a unique integrated printing method and advanced microprocessing technology, with high clarity, high accuracy, high reliability, humanized operation, etc.


This thermal chart recorder simultaneously presents a wealth of information such as timing, data, graphs, alarms, etc.; two types of display: set channel and cyclic display.

Up to 8 general purpose channels to receive many types of signals such as current and voltage, thermocouple and RTD. Up to 8 relay alarms. Power output for up to 1 channel with 24 volts. The imported shock-resistant thermal printer has 832 thermal print points within a 104 mm range. It consumes zero pen or ink and does not produce errors due to pen position. This graph recorder records in the form of data or charts, and for the latter form, it can also print scale labels and channel labels.

Real-time timing. The high precision clock can work properly with the power off. Different channel charts can be separated by setting the recording margin. Chart speed can be freely set in the range of 10-2000mm/h.


  Product   Thermal Chart Recorder, Graph Recorder
  Model  SUP-R1200
  Display  LCD display screen
  Input  Voltage: (0-5)V/(1-5)V/(0-20)mV/(0-100)mV

 Electric current: (0-10)mA/(4-20)mA

 Thermocouple: B, E, K, S, T

 Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, Cu100

  Output  Up to 2 current output channels( 4 to 20mA)
  Sampling Period  600ms
  Chart Speed  10mm/h -- 1990mm/h
  Communication  RS 232/RS485 (need Customization)
  Power Supply  220VAC; 24VDC
  Precision  0.2%FS

  Shorter Mounting Depth 


  DIN Panel Cutout


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