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SUP-R6000C Paperless Graphic Recorder 1-48 Channels

SUP-R6000C Paperless Graphic Recorder 1-48 Channels

The fixed point/program section of the color paperless recorder uses a control algorithm with advance differential. The proportional band P, the integration time I and the derivative time D are adjusted independently of each other and do not affect each o


Paperless graphic recorder with universal input, which can be configured to select inputs: standard voltage, standard current thermocouple, RTD, millivolt, etc. Can be equipped with 18 alarm outputs or 12 analog variable outputs, up to 8 flow accumulation. RS232/485 communication interface, Ethernet interface, micro printer interface and USB interface, SD card socket. Sensor power distribution is available. Powerful display function, real-time curve display, historical curve recall, bar graph display, alarm list display, etc. The user-friendly appearance design, perfect function embodiment, reliable hardware quality and exquisite manufacturing process make the instrument have higher performance-price ratio.

The paperless graphic recorder has several operation display screens and configuration screens, with clear display, large amount of information and convenient configuration. Users can easily operate and use the instrument without professional training. After the instrument is connected to the power supply, the initial screen of the system is displayed, and after the initialization of the system, the real-time curve screen is entered.


  Product   Paperless Graphic Recorder
  Model  SUP-R6000C
  Display  7 inch TFT display screen
  Input  Up to 48 channels of universal input
  Relay Output  1A/250VAC, Max 18 channels
  Communication  RS485, Modbus-RTU
  Internal Memory  64 Mbytes Flash
  Power Supply  AC85~264V, 50/60Hz; DC12~36V

  Outer Dimensions


  DIN panel Cutout


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