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SUP-R8000D Paperless Chart Recorder With 10.4 Inches Display

SUP-R8000D Paperless Chart Recorder With 10.4 Inches Display

This is paperless chart recorder a new type of recorder designed and produced for the actual needs of various industrial sites, which can be used to record pressure signals, temperature signals, etc..


Paperless chart recorders record the collected data on the internal memory of the instrument. Most paperless recorders use LCD liquid crystal screen to display, not only in digital form to display the instant value, but also can be converted into a bar graph, curve graph and other Not only can they display English, some can also display Chinese and other kinds of text.

The paperless chart recorder can not only view the detailed values of each time point recorded in the screen of the instrument, but also transfer the historical data to the computer through an external memory card or instrument communication interface for analysis, processing, printing and other operations. Most paperless recorders are equipped with a communication interface as standard, and most communication software is also standard.


Product Paperless Chart Recorder
Input signal Type

Ⅱ standard signal: (0 ~ 10) mA, (0 ~ 5) V

Ⅲ standard signal: (4 ~ 20) mA, (1 ~ 5) V

14 thermocouples: B, E, J, K, S, T, R, N, WRe5-26, WRe3-25, BA1, BA2, F1, F2

3 kinds of thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, JPt100

Other signals (0-20) mv, (0-100) mv, (-10-10) v, (0-10) v, (-5-5) v, (0-1) v, ) V, resistance 0-350Ω, frequency 0-10KHZ

Isolation Isolation between channels and ground Resistant to heat greater than 500VAC, isolation between channels and channels Withstanding voltage> 250VAC

Voltage (100 ~ 240) VAC

Frequency (47 ~ 63) Hz

The maximum power consumption 30VA

Fuse Specifications 3A / 250VAC, slow blow type
Distribution Output Each loop 65ma, 24VAC, up to 8 loops
Alarm Output Up to 24 channels, 250VAC, 3A normally open relay contacts
Simulated Transmission Output Up to 8 Road 4-20ma transmission output
Hardware Watchdog Integrated WATCHDOG chip, to ensure long-term safe and reliable host operation
Real Time Clock

Using hardware real-time clock, power-down by the lithium battery, the maximum clock error ± 1 minute / month

Power-down Protection

All data is saved in NAND FLASH memory, ensuring that all historical data and configuration are lost due to power loss

Communication Interface

Provide RS485 and RS232 two kinds of communication interface for users to choose, can be Ethernet connection, but also with the panel printer connection


Using R-Bus or ModBus protocol, the communication baud rate has 5 options, 1200bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, 57600bps and 115200bps

The Sampling Period 1 second, that is, 1 second on each channel are sampled once
Record Interval 1S, 2S, 5S, 10S, 15S, 30S, 1min, 2min, 4min optional
Display 10.4 inches 640 * 480, 64 color TFT true color liquid crystal display
Size Overall dimensions 288mm * 288mm * 244mm, hole size 282mm * 282mm
Brightness 0 ~ 100% adjustable
Alarm Display Up to 256 alarm displays can be displayed
Alarm Type Upper limit alarm, upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm, lower limit alarm
Accuracy Class

Numerical accuracy of 0.2% FS

Curve accuracy 0.5% FS

Data Retention Period About 10 years

Paperless Chart Recorder wholesale


1. Cost-effective
Super multi-channel design, support for all types of signals
CCFL backlight display, data clearer observation
2. Product warranty
From production to delivery, each product has been tested 5, Cengcengbaguan to ensure that the interests of users
3. Customer trust
Supmea focused on automation for 10 years, the product has a complete patent certificate, access to 60 million users of the support and recognition