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SUP-R9600 Digital Chart Recorder 1-18 Channels

SUP-R9600 Digital Chart Recorder 1-18 Channels

Paperless digital chart recorder internal use of high-speed, high-performance 32-bit cortex-M4 microprocessor. The circuit board is coated with "anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and dust-proof".


SUP-R9600 paperless recorder (digital chart recorder) set various industrial, measurement data in civil applications, display, processing, computing, alarming, and recording a variety of reports and other functions in it. It has a 18-channel analog signal input channel, 4-channel relay alarm output channel, 150mA distribution output channel (which can be accessed 6-way two-wire transmitter, or 2-way four-wire transmitter), an RS-485 communication interface it has a USB data dump interface.

In hardware, the updated SUP-R9600 Paperless Recorder replaces the channel analog quantity input function with 4-channel analog quantity output and one RS-485 input function. In software, it adds 4-channel flow, 4-channel accumulation and 4-channel PID calculation function. Also, it includes a user-defined interface, which allows the user to arrange the channels in the interface at will.

The paperless recorder uses high-speed, high-performance 32-bit cortex-M4 microprocessor in its internal. Circuit board is handled through three anti-coating processe--"anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-dust". High-performance power meter has a strong anti-jamming capability and can effectively suppress external harmonic interference to improve the overall stability greatly.

The digital chart recorder can be used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, building materials, paper, electricity, food, pharmaceutical, industrial water treatment and other industries.


 Product  Paperless Recorder, Digital Chart Recorder
 Model SUP-R9600
 Display 3.5 inch TFT true color LCD screen
 Dimension Dimension: 96mm×96mm×96mm
Opening Size: 92mm×92mm
 Thickness Of Mounted Panel 1.5mm~6.0mm
 Weight 0.37kg
 Power Supply (176~264)VAC,47~63Hz
 Internal Storage 48M bytes Flash
 External Storage U disk support (standard USB2.0 communication interface)
 Maximum Power Consumption 20VA
 Relative Humidity (10~85)%RH (No condensation)
 Operating Temperature (0~50)℃
 Transport And Storage Conditions Temperature (-20~60)℃, Relative humidity (5~95)%RH (No condensation)
Altitude: <2000m, Except for special specifications

Comparison of function between updated recorder and basic recorder:

Function Basic type Updated type
Analog quantity input 18 channels 1—12 channels
Analog quantity output N/A 4 channels
Relay output 4 channels 4 channels
RS-485 output Yes Yes
RS-485 input N/A Yes
Power distribution Yes Yes
Flow (temperature and pressure compensation) N/A Yes
Accumulation N/A Yes
PID calculation N/A Yes
User-defined interface N/A Yes

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