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SUP-RD701 Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor

SUP-RD701 Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor

The microprocessor recognizes the level echo, analyzes and calculates it and converts it into a level signal to be given. Due to the simple measuring principle, guided wave radar level can be adjusted without material, thus saving a lot of commissioning c


The guided wave radar level meter adopts pulse working mode, with extremely low transmission power, and can be installed in various metal and non-metallic containers, without harm to human body and the environment.

Working principle: The high-frequency microwave pulse sent by the guided wave radar propagates along the detection component (steel cable or steel bar). When it encounters the measured medium, it will be reflected due to the sudden change of the dielectric constant, and part of the pulse energy will be reflected back. The time interval between the transmitted pulse and the reflected pulse is proportional to the distance of the measured medium.

Benefits: The guided wave radar level gauge has high accuracy, is insensitive to water vapor, and can spread in vacuum.


Due to the use of advanced microprocessors and unique Echo Discovery echo processing technology, guided wave radar level meters can be used in various complex working conditions. A variety of process connection modes and types of detection components make the 70X series guided wave radar level meter suitable for various complex working conditions and applications. Such as high temperature, high pressure and small dielectric constant medium.


 Product  Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor
 Model SUP-RD701
 Measure Range 0-30 meters

Liquids and bulk solids

 Process Connection Thread/ Flange
 Medium Temperature -40℃~130℃(Standard)/-40~250℃(High temp)
 Process Pressure    -0.1 ~ 4MPa
 Accuracy ±10mm 
 Protection Grade IP67 
 Frequency Range 500MHz-1.8GHz
 Signal Output 4-20mA (Two-wire/Four)
 Power Supply DC(6~24V)/ Four-wire
DC 24V / Two-wire

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H----Measuring range

L----Empty tank height

B----Blind area

E----Minimum distance from probe to tank wall >50mm