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SUP-1300 Process Panel Meter PID Regulator

SUP-1300 Process Panel Meter PID Regulator

Superior process panel meter manufacturer. This digital display meter is small in size, low in power consumption, intuitive to read, and can digitally input measurement results into a computer, thus automating the production process.


SUP-1300 process panel meter PID regulator adopts fuzzy PID algorithm, no need to manually adjust the parameters, temperature control accuracy of ±0.5℃, no overshoot, undershoot, high cost performance. Easy operation, 7 appearance size, support 33 kinds of signal input function, can be used with all kinds of sensors, transmitters, to achieve the temperature, pressure, liquid level, capacity, force and other physical quantities of measurement and display, and with a variety of actuators for electric heating equipment and electromagnetic, electric valve PID adjustment and control, alarm control, data acquisition and other functions.

This process panel meter is suitable for industrial furnaces, electric furnaces, ovens, test equipment, footwear machinery, injection molding machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, printing machinery and other industries. It supports 2 alarm functions, 1 control output or RS485 communication interface with standard MODBUS RTU protocol, and 1 DC24V power distribution output. Optoelectronic isolation of input, output and power supply, 100-240VAC/DC or 12-36V DC switching power supply, standard snap-in installation, working environment temperature 0-50℃, and relative humidity 5-85%RH without condensation.


 Product  Process Panel Meter, Easy PID Regulator
 Model SUP-1300
 Display Dual-screen LED display
 Dimension A. 160*80*110mm
B. 80*160*110mm
C. 96*96*110mm
D. 96*48*110mm
E. 48*96*110mm
F. 72*72*110mm
H. 48*48*110mm
Measurement Accuracy ±0.3%FS
Transmission Output Analog output----4-20mA, 1-5v,  0-10mA, 0-5V, 0-20mA, 0-10V
Alarm Output With upper and lower limit alarm function, with alarm return difference setting; capacity:
AC125V/0.5A (small) DC24V/0.5A (small) (Resistive load)
AC220V/2A (big) DC24V/2A (big) (Resistive load)
Note: When the load exceeds the relay contact capacity, please do not directly carry the load
Power Supply AC/DC100~240V (Frequency 50/60Hz) Power consumption≤5W
DC12~36V  Power consumption≤3W
Use Environment Operating temperature (-10~50℃) No condensation, no icing

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Profile of Display Panel

Process Panel Meter factory

(1) PV Display (measured value)
(2) SV Display
Display parameters like input type in measurement mode;
Display setting value in parameters setting mode;
(3) Primary alarm (AL1) and secondary alarm indication lamp, running lamp (RUN) and output lamp (OUT);
(4) Confirmation
(5) Shift
(6) Decrease
(7) Increase
How to get the core out of shell:
The core of instrument can be taken out from the shell. Push buckles on both sides of the front panel aside, and push the front panel to separate core and shell. For installation, put the core into the shell and lock it with buckles to meet protection standard.

High brightness display
Dual-screen three-digit LED digital display PC mask
High transparency, smooth surface
Good aging resistance

Touch button
Use high-quality silicone buttons
Sensitive operation and long service life
Good touch and good recovery

Ventilation and heat dissipation
Open holes on both sides, convection ventilation to ensure long-term high temperature operation of the instrument.

Limit cover protection
Wiring diagram----to ensure correct wiring
Wiring cover --- to ensure wiring safety

Embedded installation
Dial hole, standard size
Fastened by buckle, easy to install

Multiple output types available                

Multiple control methods are available