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SUP-2700 Display Panel Meter Multi-loop

SUP-2700 Display Panel Meter Multi-loop

The display panel meter adopts the calculation method of separate acquisition for each measurement channel to ensure complete consistency and symmetry in use, and it has a variety of wiring methods for different forms of loads.


The multi-loop digital display panel meter adopts the surface mounting technology and is produced by a fully automatic mounting machine, which has a strong anti-interference ability. This instrument supports a variety of signal types of input, and can be used with various sensors and transmitters to achieve the measurement and display of temperature, pressure, liquid level, speed, force and other physical quantities. It can patrol 8 to 16 measurement signals, with 8 or 16 "unified alarm outputs", "16 separate alarm outputs".
The functions of "one transmitter and output", "eight channels of separate transmitter and output", 485/232 communication and other output functions are applicable to the system requiring multi measurement point patrol inspection.


 Product  Multi-loop Digital Display Panel Meter
 Model SUP-2700

A. 160*80*136mm
B. 80*160*136mm
C. 96*96*136mm

Measurement Accuracy ±0.2%FS
Transmission Output Analog output----4-20mA, 1-5v, 0-10mA, 0-5V, 0-20mA, 0-10V
Alarm Output

Over-range display value flashing alarm function

With upper and lower limit alarm function, with alarm return difference setting; Relay capacity: 
AC220V/2A (big)DC24V/2A (big) (Resistive load)
Note: When the load exceeds the relay contact capacity, please do not directly carry the load

Power Supply AC/DC100~240V (Frequency 50/60Hz)  Power consumption≤5W
DC 20~29V  Power consumption≤3W
Use Environment Operating temperature (-10~50℃) No condensation, no icing
Printout RS232 printing interface, micro-matched printer can realize manual, timing and alarm printing functions

Display Panel Meter supplier

Display Panel Meter manufacturer

Input Signal Type List

Graduation Number Pn Signal Type Measure Range Graduation Number Pn Signal Type Measure Range
0 TC B 400~1800℃ 18 Remote Resistance 0~350Ω -1999~9999
1 TC S 0~1600℃ 19 Remote Resistance 3 0~350Ω -1999~9999
2 TC K 0~1300℃ 20 0~20mV -1999~9999
3 TC E 0~1000℃ 21 0~40mV -1999~9999
4 TC T -200.0~400.0℃ 22 0~100mV -1999~9999
5 TC J 0~1200℃ 23 -20~20mV -1999~9999
6 TC R 0~1600℃ 24 -100~100mV -1999~9999
7 TC N 0~1300℃ 25 0~20mA -1999~9999
8 F2 700~2000℃ 26 0~10mA -1999~9999
9 TC Wre3-25 0~2300℃ 27 4~20mA -1999~9999
10 TC Wre5-26 0~2300℃ 28 0~5V -1999~9999
11 RTD  Cu50 -50.0~150.0℃ 29 1~5V -1999~9999
12 RTD  Cu53 -50.0~150.0℃ 30 -5~5V -1999~9999
13 RTD  Cu100 -50.0~150.0℃ 31 0~10V -1999~9999
14 RTD  Pt100 -200.0~650.0℃ 32 0~10mA square -1999~9999
15 RTD  BA1 -200.0~600.0℃ 33 4~20mA square -1999~9999
16 RTD  BA2 -200.0~600.0℃ 34 0~5V square -1999~9999
17 Linear resistance 0~400Ω -1999~9999 35 1~5V square -1999~9999