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SUP-130T Digital Display Controller

SUP-130T Digital Display Controller

This multifunctional digital display controller has a universal (AC/DC) switching power input interface. Please feel free to contact us for further details about digital display controller wholesale.


The economic three digit single loop digital display controller has a modular structure, convenient operation and high cost performance. It is suitable for light industrial machinery, ovens, experimental equipment, heating/cooling and other objects with a temperature control range of 0~999 ℃. The instrument adopts double row three digit digital tube display, with a variety of input signal types of thermal resistance and thermocouple, and the measurement accuracy is 0.3%.

The five models have optional dimensions, support 2-way alarm function, and transmit output function. Optoelectronic isolation of input end, output end and power supply end, 100-240V AC/DC or 12-36V DC switching power supply, standard snap in installation, working environment temperature at 0-50 ℃, and relative humidity at 5-85% RH (no condensation).


 Product  Digital Display Controller, Economic 3-digit Display Fuzzy PID Temperature Controller
 Model SUP-130T
 Dimension C. 96*96*110mm
D. 96*48*110mm
E. 48*96*110mm
F. 72*72*110mm
H. 48*48*110mm
Measurement Accuracy ±0.3%FS
Transmission Output Analog output----4-20mA(RL≤500Ω), 1-5v(RL≥250kΩ)
Alarm Output With upper and lower limit alarm function, with alarm return difference setting; Relay contact capacity:
AC125V/0.5A (small)DC24V/0.5A (small) (Resistive load)
AC220V/2A (big)DC24V/2A (big) (Resistive load)
Note: When the load exceeds the relay contact capacity, please do not directly carry the load
Power Supply AC/DC100~240V (AC/50-60Hz) Power consumption≤5W
DC 12~36V  Power consumption≤3W
Use Environment Operating temperature (-10~50℃) No condensation, no icing

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 Terminal Assignments and Dimensions
    (1) PV display window (measured value)
    (2) SV display window
    In measurement state, it displays the control target value;
    In parameters setting state, it displays the setpoint.
    (3) The first alarm (AL1) and the second alarm (AL2) indicators, manual light (A/M) and output light (OUT)
    (4) Confirm key
    (5) Shift key
    (6) Down key
    (7) Up key

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High brightness display
Dual-screen three-digit LED digital display PC mask
High transparency, smooth surface
Good aging resistance

Touch button
Use high-quality silicone buttons
Sensitive operation and long service life
Good touch and good recovery

Ventilation and heat dissipation
Open holes on both sides, convection ventilation to ensure long-term high temperature operation of the instrument

Limit cover protection
Wiring diagram----to ensure correct wiring
Wiring cover --- to ensure wiring safety

Embedded installation
Dial hole, standard size
Fastened by buckle, easy to install

Input Signal Type List:

Graduation Number Pn Signal Type Measure Range Graduation Number Pn Signal Type Measure Range
0 TC B 100~999℃ 5 TC J 0~999℃
1 TC S 0~999℃ 6 TC R 0~999℃
2 TC K 0~999℃ 7 TC N 0~999℃
3 TC E 0~999℃ 11 RTD Cu50 -50~150℃
4 TC T 0~400℃ 14 RTD Pt100 -199~650℃