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SUP-P300G High Temperature Pressure Sensor

SUP-P300G High Temperature Pressure Sensor

High temperature pressure sensor for sale, which can be directly connected to computer interface cards, control meters, smart meters or PLCs, etc.


The high temperature pressure sensor is an ultra-high performance pressure transmitter with international leading technology, which adopts the world's advanced monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor technology and patented packaging process. The monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor is located at the top of the metal body, far from the contact surface of the medium, to achieve mechanical isolation and thermal isolation. The sensor leads integrated with glass sintering achieve high strength electrical insulation with the metal substrate, improving the flexibility of the electronic circuit and the ability to withstand transient voltage protection.

These original single crystal silicon pressure sensor packaging technologies ensure that the monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter can calmly cope with extreme chemical occasions and mechanical loads, and at the same time, it has extremely strong anti electromagnetic interference capability, which is sufficient to deal with the most demanding industrial environment applications. It is a veritable invisible instrument.


 Product  High Temperature Pressure Sensor
 Model SUP-P300G
 Measuring Range -0.1~0 to 0 ~ 40MPa
 Display Resolution 0.5%
 Medium Temperature -50-300°C
 Working Temperature -40-85°C
 Output Signal 4-20mA Analog output
 Pressure Type Gauge pressure; Absolute pressure
 Measure Medium Liquid; Gas; Oil etc
 Pressure Overload 150%FS
 Power Supply 24VDC (12-36V)

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