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SUP-pH5011 Process pH Sensor

SUP-pH5011 Process pH Sensor

The process pH sensor is widely used to test the acidity and alkalinity of pure water, tap water, domestic water and various liquids. pH value at 7.0 is neutral, below 7.0 is acidic and above 7.0 is alkaline.


PH electrode, also known as pH probe and pH sensor in English, is the part of the PH meter that contacts the measured substance and is used to measure the electrode potential. This is a plastic process pH sensor, the following is the specifications and product advantages of this pH sensor.

Electrode structure principle:
(1) Internal reference electrode: it is a silver/silver chloride electrode, which is mainly used to draw electrode potential. It is required that the potential is stable and the temperature coefficient is small.
(2) Internal reference solution: the internal reference solution with a zero potential of 7pH is a mixed solution of neutral phosphate and potassium chloride. The glass electrode and the reference electrode form a battery to establish the pH value of zero potential, which mainly depends on the pH value of the internal reference solution and the slope of the chloride ion concentration electrode: theoretically, the slope of the glass electrode is 59.16mv at 25 ℃, that is, the glass electrode will produce a potential change of 59.16mv every time the solution changes a ph value. However, in fact, all glass electrodes cannot reach the theoretical value of 100%. Generally, the electrode slope is more than 98% (percentage slope) of the theoretical value. In addition, the mv difference value corresponding to each unit of PH value has a certain change under different temperatures.

  Product    Plastic Process pH Sensor
  Model   SUP-PH5011
  Measurement range   2 ~ 14 pH
  Zero potential point   7 ± 0.5 pH
  Slope   > 95%
  Internal impedance   150-250 MΩ(25℃)
  Practical response time   < 1 min
  Installation size   Upper and Lower 3/4NPT Pipe Thread
  NTC   NTC10K/Pt100/Pt1000
  Heat resistance   0 ~ 60℃ for general cables
  Pressure resistance   0 ~ 4 Bar
  Connection   Low-noise cable
Product Advantages

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