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SUP-pH5018 pH Glass Electrode

SUP-pH5018 pH Glass Electrode

The standard hydrogen electrode is the reference point for all potential measurements. The standard hydrogen electrode is a platinum wire, electrolytically coated with platinum chloride and surrounded by hydrogen gas (fixed pressure of 1013hpa).

Before using the pH glass electrode, first check whether the glass bulb is cracked or broken, if not, when using pH buffer solution for two-point calibration, when both positioning and slope buttons can be adjusted to the corresponding pH value, it is generally considered to be usable, otherwise, electrode activation treatment can be carried out according to the instruction. The activation method is to dip in 4% hydrogen fluoride solution for about 3~5 s, take out and rinse with distilled water, then soak in 0.1mol/L hydrochloric acid solution for several hours, rinse well with distilled water, and then calibrate, i.e. use pH 6.86 (25℃) buffer solution for positioning, adjust well and then choose another pH buffer solution arbitrarily for slope adjustment, if it cannot be adjusted to replace the electrode. Non-closed composite electrode, the external reference solution i.e. 3 mol/L potassium chloride solution should be added inside, so it must be checked whether the potassium chloride solution in the electrode is above 1/3, if it is less than that, 3 mol/L potassium chloride solution needs to be added. If the potassium chloride solution is beyond the position of the small hole, dump the excess potassium chloride solution so that the solution is located below the small hole, and check whether there are bubbles in the solution, if there are bubbles, flick the electrode to drive out the bubbles completely.
Product Advantages


  pH Glass Electrode Sensor



  Measurement Range

  0 ~ 14 pH

  Zero Potential Point

  7 ± 0.5 pH


  > 98%

  Membrane Resistance


  Practical Response Time

  < 1 min

  Salt Bridge

  Porous ceramic core / porous Teflon

  Installation Size


  Heat Resistance

  0 ~ 100℃

  Pressure Resistance

  0 ~ 2.5 Bar

  Temperature Compensation


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