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SUP-pH7001 Flat pH Electrode

SUP-pH7001 Flat pH Electrode

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The desulfurization wear-resistant electrode adopts flat head desulfurization for PH measurement in flue gas desulfurization. The electrode adopts a gel electrode, which is maintenance-free. The electrode can still maintain high precision under high temperatures or high PH values. The flat glass bulb is used, which is highly resistant to pollution and impact. It is widely applicable to lime water, desulfurization, viscous large liquid, slurry, and other environments. It is convenient to use and can be cleaned less frequently. Flat PH electrode is not easy to stick slurry, and it is suitable for environmental detection in harsh conditions.


  Product    Flat pH Electrode Sensor
  Model   SUP-PH7001
  Measurement Range   0-14 pH
  Zero Potential Point   7 ± 0.5 pH
  Slope   > 96%
  Internal Impedance   150-250 MΩ(25℃)
  Practical Response Time   < 1 min
  Installation Size   Upper and Lower 3/4NPT Pipe Thread
  NTC   NTC10K/2.252KΩ/Pt100/Pt1000
  Heat Resistance   5-80℃ for general cables
  Pressure Resistance   0 ~ 4 Bar
  Connection   Low-noise cable

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