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SUP-pH5022 Durable pH Sensor Glass Type

SUP-pH5022 Durable pH Sensor Glass Type

According to the portability: portable pH meter, desktop pH meter and pen pH meter. According to the usage, laboratory pH meter, industrial online pH meter, etc. You can wholesale all kinds of durable pH sensors here.


This durable pH sensor is our self-developed instrument for online monitoring of pH/ORP value, which is output to the monitoring room for record keeping through RS485 or current transfer.

The rubber on top of the electrode should be peeled off during use so that the small hole is exposed. Otherwise, when analysis is performed, negative pressure will be generated, resulting in the potassium chloride solution not passing smoothly through the glass bulb to exchange ions with the measured solution, which will make the measurement data inaccurate. After the measurement is completed, the rubber should be recovered and the small hole should be sealed. After the electrode is cleaned by distilled water, it should be immersed in 3 mol/L potassium chloride solution to keep the electrode bulb moist. If the electrode is found to have lost its protective solution before use, it should be immersed in 3 mol/L potassium chloride solution for several hours to make the electrode reach the best measurement condition.

In actual use, it is found that some analysts treat the composite electrode as glass electrode and put it in distilled water for a long time to soak, which is incorrect, this will make the concentration of potassium chloride solution in the composite electrode decrease greatly, resulting in the electrode not responding sensitively during measurement, and finally lead to inaccurate measurement data, so the composite electrode should not be soaked in distilled water for a long time.

Precautions for electrode use: The glass electrode socket should be kept dry and clean, and contact with acid mist, salt spray and other harmful gases is strictly prohibited, and staining with aqueous solution is strictly prohibited to ensure high input impedance of the instrument.

The durable pH sensor (pH/ORP controller) is widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and water industries for continuous monitoring of pH or ORP value and temperature in solution. The continuous monitoring data is connected to the recorder through the transducer output for remote monitoring and recording.



  Durable pH Sensor



  Measurement Range

  0 ~ 14 pH

  Zero Potential Point

  7 ± 0.5 pH


  > 96%

  Practical Response Time

  < 1 min

  Installation Size


  Heat Resistance

  0 ~ 130℃

  Pressure Resistance

  1 ~ 6 Bar


  K8S connector

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