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SUP-DM2800 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Optical Do Sensor

SUP-DM2800 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Optical Do Sensor

Optical do sensor and Dissolved Oxygen Meter for sale. Available measurements are used to monitor processes where oxygen levels can affect reaction rates, process efficiency or the environment: e.g. aquaculture, biological reactions, environmental testing


Dissolved oxygen (DO) refers to the content of oxygen dissolved in water, expressed in milligrams of oxygen per liter of water, and exists in water in a molecular state. Dissolved oxygen content is one of the important indicators of water quality and one of the important factors of water purification. The content of dissolved oxygen in water is related to atmospheric pressure, water temperature, salt content, and other factors.

The water body not polluted by oxygen-consuming substances (generally organic substances) is saturated with dissolved oxygen. When there is a large amount of organic matter in the water, the oxygen consumption rate exceeds the supply rate. At this time, the dissolved oxygen in the water decreases continuously, even close to zero. The organic matter starts to decompose under anoxic conditions, causing corruption and fermentation, resulting in severe deterioration of the water quality. Therefore, dissolved oxygen is taken as an indicator of water pollution degree in the water quality evaluation.

The oxygen content can be expressed in mg/l or ppm. Water can only absorb a certain amount of oxygen. If the maximum possible oxygen content in the water has been solved, the so-called oxygen saturation level is 100%. The full oxygen content depends on the temperature. At lower temperatures, more oxygen can be dissolved. For example, freshwater with a temperature of 20 ° C and an atmospheric pressure of 1013hPa has an oxygen level of 8.84mg/l. At 10 ° C, 14.6mg/l oxygen can be absorbed per liter of water, up to 10.92mg/l. If the oxygen-saturated water at 20 ° C (8.84mg/l) is cooled to 0 ° C, the saturation level of 8.84mg/l (14.6mg/l) is ≈ 61%. It is assumed that no oxygen is absorbed into the atmosphere during the cooling process.

Dissolved oxygen online analyzer is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments, which is a widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water and other solutions for continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen, saturation, partial pressure of oxygen and temperature.

The continuous monitoring data can be connected to the recorder through the variable transmission output to achieve remote monitoring and recording, and can also be connected to the RS485 interface through the MODBUS-RTU protocol for easy connection to a computer to achieve monitoring and recording.

  Product  Optical Do Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Meter (Membrane Type)
  Model SUP-DM2800
  Measure Range 0-20mg/L, 0-200%, 0-400hPa
  Resolution 0.01mg/L, 0.1%, 1hPa
  Accuracy ±1.5%FS
 Temperature Type NTC 10k/PT1000
 Auto A/manual H

-10-60℃ Resolution;

0.1℃ Correction

 Correction Accuracy ±0.5℃
 Output Type 1 4-20mA output
 Max.loop Resistance 750Ω
 Repeatblitiy ±0.5%FS
 Output Type 2 RS485 digital signal output
 Communication Protocol Standard MODBUS-RTU(customizable)
 Power Supply


5W Max

 Alarm Relay AC250V, 3A
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