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SUP-DO7011 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor In Water

SUP-DO7011 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor In Water

This dissolved oxygen sensor in water can be applied to hydrological monitoring to measure the oxygen content in rivers, lakes and oceans to indicate the quality of water.


Working principle of polarographic dissolved oxygen online analyzer:
The electrodes made of two different metals are immersed in the electrolyte. When a polarization voltage of 0.6~0.8V is applied to the electrodes of the dissolved oxygen analyzer, the oxygen diffuses into the electrolyte through the film and forms a measuring circuit with the gold electrode and the silver electrode. The cathode releases electrons and the anode receives electrons, generating current. The current (or voltage) generated is proportional to the concentration of dissolved oxygen entering the electrode system.

Our dissolved oxygen sensor with RS485 digital interface is designed for the aquaculture industry and can be used to measure the change of DO value in the aqueous system within the range of its standard RS485 Modbus RTU protocol interface function. It can be used for remote communication with the host computer. Widely used in aquaculture, water quality testing, information data collection, Internet of Things water quality testing and other occasions in the dissolved oxygen measurement.


  Product  Dissolved Oxygen Sensor In Water
  Model SUP-DO7011
  Measure Range

DO: 0-20 mg/L, 0-20 ppm;

Temperature: 0-45℃


DO:±3% of the measured value;

Temperature: ±0.5℃

 Temperature Type NTC 10k/PT1000
 Output Type 4-20mA output
  Weight 1.85Kg
  Cable Length Standard:10m, the maximum may be extended to 100m

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