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SUP-DO7012 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Probe

SUP-DO7012 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Probe

Dissolved oxygen electrodes can be used to measure the dissolved oxygen content within the aqueous solution of the sample under test in the field or in the laboratory. Since dissolved oxygen is one of the main indicators of water quality, dissolved oxygen


Dissolved oxygen meter probes can be measured for monitoring processes where oxygen levels affect reaction rates, process efficiency or the environment: e.g. aquaculture, biological reactions, environmental testing (lake, stream, ocean), water/wastewater treatment, wine production.


  Product  Dissolved Oxygen Meter Probe
  Model SUP-DO7012
  Measure Range 0-20mg/L, 0-20ppm, 0-45deg C
  Accuracy Resolution: ±3%, Temperature: ±0.5℃
  Pressure Range ≤0.3Mpa
  Power Supply 12 VDC
  Main Material SUS316L+PVC (Ordinary Version), 
Titanium Alloy (Seawater Version)
O-ring: Fluoro-rubber; Cable: PVC
  Cable Length Standard 10-Meter Cable, Max: 100m
  Display 128 * 64 dot matrix LCD with LED backlight
  Power Supply 12 VDC
  Calibration Automatic air calibration, Sample calibration
  Storage Temperature -15~65℃

Communication Protocol

Baud Rate 4800/9600/19200/38400/57600
Data Bits 8 bit
Parity Check no
Stop Bit 1bit

Register Name

Address Location Data Type Length Read/Write Description
Dissolved Oxygen Value 0 F(Float) 2 R(only read)  
Dissolved Oxygen Concentration 2 F 2 R  
Temperature 4 F 2 R  
Slope 6 F 2 W/R Range:0.5-1.5
Deviation Value 8 F 2 W/R Range:-20-20
Salinity 10 F 2 W/R  
Atmospheric Pressure 12 F 2 W/R  
Baud Rate 16 F 2 R  
Slave Address 18 F 2 R Range: 1-254
Response Time of Read 20 F 2 R  
Modift Baud Rate 16 Signed 1 W  
Modify Slave Address 17 Signed 1 W Range: 1-254
Modify Response Time 30 Signed 1 W 6-60s
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