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The Application of Tank Radar Level Meters

2022-11-01 10:42:36

Why Tank Radar Level Meters are Important

In some industrial places, the monitoring of the level is particularly important, some conditions need when the level reaches a certain height can output a signal or alarm, therefore, the tank radar level meter is becoming a growing concern. The appearance of the tank radar level meter greatly reduces people's workload, improve people's work efficiency, and can also be applied to all kinds of complex working conditions. Therefore, people are very careful about the price of tank radar level meter, tank radar level meter manufacturers and tank radar level meter manufacturers. Today we talk about the principle of tank radar level meter and the applications.

The Working Principle of Tank Radar Level Meters

The appearance of tank radar level gauges has solved many problems of liquid level monitoring in industrial sites, and the radar level gauge plays a more and more important role in industrial sites. Before understanding the specific application site of the tank radar level gauge, it is necessary to understand the principle of the tank radar level gauge. The tank radar level gauge antenna emits an extremely narrow microwave pulse, which travels in space at the speed of light. When it encounters the surface of the measured medium, part of its energy is reflected back and received by the same antenna. The time interval between the emitted pulse and the received pulse is proportional to the distance from the antenna to the surface of the measured medium, and therefore the height of the level is obtained.

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The Application of Tank Radar Level Meters

The radar level meter of the storage tank can be mainly applied to water storage tanks, acid and alkali storage tanks, slurry storage tanks, solid particles,s and small oil storage tanks. Various conductive, non-conductive, and corrosive media. Coal bins, ash bins, oil tanks, acid tanks, etc. are suitable for various working conditions. Compared with other level gauges, the advantage of radar level gauges for storage tanks lies in their strong anti-interference ability, namely small beam angle and concentrated energy. Therefore, radar level gauges for storage tanks have a stronger anti-interference ability, greatly improving measurement accuracy and reliability.

Secondly, it can measure the water level of large reservoirs in a wide range, with a measuring range of up to 70 meters. Then, it is safe and lossless, using pulse working mode. The power transmitted by the high-frequency radar level meter is extremely low, which is harmless to the human body and the surrounding environment. Finally, the measurement is more accurate. The 24G high-frequency radar, combined with special deployment technology, has further optimized the antenna and improved the measurement accuracy. Because of its special function of measuring the level, people are also very cautious about the selection of storage tank level meters.

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