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Why is the Radar Level Gauge Popular in the Market?

2022-10-29 14:20:52

The radar level gauge is required for water level detection, hydrochloric acid measurement, cement powder measurement, and tank level measurement. The radar level gauge works in pulse mode. Its measuring range has large elastic space, a small beam angle, and concentrated energy. After many experiments on the radar level gauge, it is found that its measurement error is significantly lower than that of similar products. The high-quality waterproof joint makes the level gauge have a longer service life, So why is the tap water radar level gauge popular in the market?

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Strong Anti-interference Ability

In the working process of such equipment, it must be anti-interference, and the anti-interference ability determines the working performance price ratio of the equipment. The beam angle of the radar level gauge is relatively small (making the energy more concentrated), so its anti-interference ability is generally higher than that of similar equipment. Therefore, the radar level gauge is also one of the products with the highest measurement accuracy and reliability among similar products.

Safety Without Damage

It is well known that the measurement range of the integrated radar level gauge is wide, which effectively covers the water level measurement of large reservoirs. At the same time, it is safe and harmless. Because the radar level gauge operates in a pulse mode with extremely low transmission power, it is basically harmless to people and the environment. The use of radar level timers does not require additional protection work or some additional projects to avoid secondary disasters.
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High Measurement Accuracy and Stable Measurement

The radar level gauge naturally uses high-frequency radar, which also requires special adjustment technology. After the antenna is further optimized, the accuracy is greatly improved. Not only its range is significantly increased, but also high accuracy and high stability can be guaranteed. However, the small edition also suggests that the range of the radar level gauge is proportional to the accuracy, that is, the larger the range, the greater the positive and negative accuracy.
In addition, from the perspective of details, the radar level gauge is made of 304 stainless steel shell, which is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant. Moreover, the LCD display screen is simple to operate, and the overall protection level is high. The standard mounting thread supports the bracket and flange installation, making the radar level gauge more convenient and quick to use. Therefore, a series of advantages make the radar level gauge popular in the market.
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