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How to Distinguish the Quality of Flowmeters?

2022-11-04 10:04:37

Every product has a quality statement. Now society is progressing and the industry is developed. Users have higher and higher requirements for product quality. This is also true in the flowmeter industry. The development of the flowmeter is accelerating. Users have higher and higher requirements for flowmeters, and there are many manufacturers of flowmeters. At this time, there is a problem with flowmeter selection and product quality judgment. The biggest problem should be judging the quality of the product. The problem of model selection is not too big. You can find any flowmeter manufacturer to help you select the model. However, the manufacturer must say that their products are good, which needs to be reflected from the side, such as market reputation, such as user evaluation. Now the Internet is so developed, and this related information can be found on the Internet. What are the indicators of a product's quality and performance?

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Generally speaking, the good or bad of the flowmeter is reflected in the following aspects.

① Accuracy
The flowmeter measurement must obtain a measurement result, the size of the flow, but there will be an error in this measurement. The smaller the error, the closer to the actual flow, which means that the higher the degree of the flowmeter, the higher the requirements for the flowmeter production process.

No instrument can accurately measure the true value of the measured fluid, but can only say that it is as close to the actual flow as possible. Nowadays, many industrial productions need high-precision flowmeters, so this accuracy must be considered when purchasing. As an industrial instrument, most flowmeters are 2.5 and 4.0, but they can also achieve an accuracy of 1.5 Meacon Flowmeter has professional non-standard customization capability and can customize high-precision flowmeters.

② Sensitivity
What is sensitivity and where to get performance? Generally speaking, this sensitivity refers to the sensitivity of the instrument measurement. It is usually expressed by the ratio of the change of instrument output to the change of the measured parameter that causes the change.

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③ Response time
During the use of a flowmeter, it is necessary to reflect the flow rate data in a real way and quickly reflect it. When the measured fluid parameters change, the measured value indicated by the instrument can always be prepared for expression after a while, and the delayed time is the response time.

④ Zero drift and span drift
It refers to the percentage of average change value relative to the range after multiple measurements of close zero point and maximum range confirmed by the instrument.

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⑤ Repeatability
What is repeatability? It refers to the percentage of the difference between each measured value and the average value relative to the full scale range when a parameter is repeatedly measured with the same instrument under the same measurement conditions. This is an important indicator of the stability of instruments and meters, which generally needs to be checked during operation and daily verification.

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