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Dissolved Oxygen Meter Fluorescence Method Manufacturer

2022-11-07 15:57:22

1. Fluorescence dissolved oxygen meter method

The dissolved oxygen sensor uses the fluorescence method to measure dissolved oxygen. The blue light emitted shines on the fluorescent layer, and the fluorescent material is excited to emit red light. The oxygen concentration is inversely proportional to the time when the fluorescent material returns to the ground state. When this method is used to measure dissolved oxygen, there is no oxygen consumption during measurement, the data is stable, the performance is reliable, there is no interference, and the installation and calibration are simple.

The controller is used to display the data measured by the sensor. The user can configure and calibrate the controller interface to achieve 4-20mA analog output. It can realize relay control, digital communication, and other functions.

An online dissolved oxygen analyzer is widely used for dissolved oxygen monitoring in sewage plants, waterworks, water stations, surface water, aquaculture, industry, and other fields

2. Applicable occasions

The dissolved oxygen meter is used to measure the content of oxygen dissolved in an aqueous solution. Oxygen is dissolved in water through the surrounding air, airflow, and photosynthesis. It can be used to measure and monitor processes where oxygen content will affect the reaction speed, process efficiency, or environments, such as aquaculture, biological reaction, environmental test lake, stream, marine inflow/wastewater treatment, and wine production.

Note: Aeration tank is also a part of the biological treatment system. Since it is imperative in the sewage treatment system, the current methods are also constantly being developed. In general, the aeration tank is developing towards high efficiency, small size, and energy saving. A fluorescent dissolved oxygen meter is generally installed at the outlet of the aeration tank to monitor the oxygen content in water to determine whether the aeration is adequate. The dissolved oxygen in the aeration tank is a very important indicator. Because of the complex medium composition in the sewage, it is very difficult to measure it with the membrane-dissolved oxygen meter. However, the fluorescence dissolved oxygen meter only reacts with oxygen molecules, and will not be interfered with by sulfide and polarized. The service life of the membrane head is more than one year, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

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