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The Working Principle and Benefits of Digital Ultrasonic Flowmeter

2022-10-28 16:09:41

With the continuous improvement of the requirements of all walks of life for automatic instruments, our technical specifications for automatic measuring instruments are also rising. From the beginning, as long as it can roughly measure the range, to now, it pursues higher accuracy. From being unable to adapt to complex working conditions at the beginning to the development of various corrosion-resistant materials. From the first use of pointer reading to the present digital instrument accurate reading. The digital ultrasonic flowmeter has been widely used in the measurement of water flow, industrial circulating water, air conditioning cooling circulating water, raw water, high-pressure water, tap water, etc.

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The ultrasonic flowmeter adopts the measurement principle of the "time-difference method", that is, the ultrasonic signal is generated by sending the sensor and distributed in the airflow. The signal is sent to the receiving sensor through the pipe wall and fluid. At the same time, the receiving sensor sends the same ultrasonic signal, and the signal is sent to the sending sensor through the pipe wall and fluid. At this time, because of the time difference due to the existence of the velocity, the velocity can be calculated according to the time difference, and then the flow can be calculated.

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The structure of a digital ultrasonic flowmeter is mainly divided into an ultrasonic signal generator, signal receiver, information processing circuit, and flow display. First, the ultrasonic signal generator sends the signal, receives the sensor to receive the signal, obtains the time difference, processes the ultrasonic information according to the information processing circuit, and transmits the flow to the display screen in the form of the electrical signal and displays the results.

Due to the non-contact measurement principle of the digital ultrasonic flowmeter, it has the following advantages:

  • Simple structure, convenient installation, use, and maintenance. The ultrasonic flowmeter can be clamped on the outside of the pipe for installation without changing the pipe, which provides convenience for temporary inspection of the flow in the pipe.
  • It is applicable to large round pipes and rectangular pipes. In principle, it is not limited by the pipe diameter and has good versatility. The same instrument can measure the flow of pipes with different pipe diameters. It does not need to strictly consider the pipe materials and wall thickness when using, and its cost is basically independent of the pipe diameter. It is more suitable for large pipe diameters and large flow occasions.
  • The liquid to be measured can be measured outside the pipe as long as it can transmit sound waves. This non-contact measurement method has no pressure loss, does not damage the flow field, and components are not subject to fluid corrosion and wear.  
  • The instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of the measured fluid can be directly given, and can be output with analog or digital quantities.  
  • There is almost no requirement for medium. As long as the fluid that can transmit sound waves can be measured by an ultrasonic flowmeter, it is suitable for a variety of fluids. Except for common fluids such as water and oil, it is especially suitable for situations where other methods are inconvenient to measure, such as high temperature and pressure, corrosive liquids, high viscosity liquids, or gases; It can measure non-conductive liquid and is a supplement to electromagnetic flowmeter in terms of unobstructed flow measurement.   
  • In addition to measuring the flow rate and flow rate, it can be used together with a microcomputer to make it intelligent. After that, it can set various pipeline and fluid parameters, and can also automatically measure other parameters of the fluid, such as composition, concentration, speed, etc.

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