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SUP-Y290 Digital Pressure Gauge

SUP-Y290 Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital display pressure gauge is a high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge, built-in high-precision pressure sensor, can accurately display the pressure in real time, well and this battery powered pressure sensor has high precision, long-term s


This is a high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge, there is a high-precision pressure sensor built-in, and it can display real-time pressure accurately, and has high precision and good long-term stability. The digital pressure gauge is equipped with a large-size LCD liquid crystal display, with a clear, backlight, switch machine, unit switching, low voltage alarm, and other functions, it's easy to operate and install.

The digital pressure gauges use 304 stainless steel shells and joints and have good shock resistance, they can measure gas, liquid, oil, and other non-corrosive stainless steel media. The intelligent digital pressure gauge applies to portable pressure measurement and matches with equipment, calibration equipment, and other pressure measurement areas.


 Product  Battery Powered Pressure Sensor, Digital Pressure Gauge
 Model SUP-Y290
 Measure Range -0.1~ 0 ~ 60MPa
 Indication Resolution 0.5%FS 
 Dimensions  81mm* 131mm* 47mm
 Ambient Temperature -10 ~ 70 ℃
 Tread Type M20*1.5, M14*1.5, G1/2, G1/4 or customized
 Pressure Type Gauge pressure; Absolute pressure
 Measure Medium Liquid; Gas; Oil etc
 Pressure Overload <40MPa, 150%; ≥40MPa, 120%
 Power Supply 3V Battery powered

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