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SUP-TDS7002 Electrical Conductivity Sensor

SUP-TDS7002 Electrical Conductivity Sensor

This electrical conductivity sensor can provide three ranges and has automatic range selection function, which can automatically select the most suitable range when testing.


Meacon is a leading electrical conductivity sensor supplier in China, providing high-accuracy and competitive electrical conductivity sensors for sale. Intelligent temperature compensation design: Instrument integrated automatic, manual dual temperature compensation mode Support NTC10K temperature compensation components, suitable for a variety of measurement occasions, temperature compensation type a key adjustable.

A variety of functions: conductivity / EC / TDS measurement capabilities to achieve two in one, cost-effective integrated design to support the boiler water, RO water treatment, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry and other liquid measurement and monitoring.


  Product   Electrical Conductivity Sensor
  Model  SUP-TDS7002
  Measure Range  10us/cm~500ms/cm
  Accuracy  ±1%FS
  Thread  NPT3/4
  Pressure  7 bar
  Material  PBT
  Temp Compensation

 NTC10K (PT1000, PT100, NTC2.252K optional) 

  Temperature Range 0-100℃
  Temperature Accuracy  ±3℃
  Ingress Protection  IP68

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